Its been quite a while for all of us to listen more often about increasing Average Global Temperatures, melting of ice in glaciers and poles, changing climatic conditions across the globe and degrading environmental conditions. All these small points join together to bring forth the most inevitable catastrophes to humanity - Global Warming. It is the increase in earth's average temperature. It is important to note that even 1oC rise in earth's average surface temperature is troublesome while this has gone up by 0.8oC, now being 14oC, according to NASA.[1]


Most of us know that our planet earth has many of the safety mechanism in place to sustain human inhabitation. These include earth's magnetism, presence of thick atmosphere, and one that we have to focus on is the Ozone Layer. Actually Ozone gas is quite lethal to humans, but at altitude 20-25 km from the earth's surface[2] acts as a blanket to protect us from the harmful UV Radiations. Now, this Ozone layer has started depleting an alarming rates due to excessive us on refrigerants, Chloro-floro-carbons. It therefore has been allowing the Harmful UV rays into the lower atmosphere.

Now, we also know the fact that most of the living beings unlike trees, inhale Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide gas. The latter is quite heavy and forms a blanket in the lower atmosphere. Such gases, those are thicker, trap heat from UV rays and don't allow them to be released to the outer atmosphere. This too is one of the most prominent cause of Global Warming known as Green House Effect.

Most of the devices today are powered by fossil fuels. Even when we have moved forward to replace them with non-conventional power sources, its been quite delayed to make enough harm to our planet. Fossil fuelss, on burning, produce harmful gases such as NOX, SO, SO3, CO etc. which are known for harmful environmental effects some of which are Acid rain, increase of Smog formations etc. Most of us are unknown of the fact that excessive use of Internet now-a-days, has been a major source of CO2[3], accounting for almost 40% of the carbon footprint[4], as most of the internet isn't run just on one PC but, requires the cummulative efforts made by endless servers and proxies that are ultimately powered directly or indirectly by one or the other form of fossil fuel.

We do not escalate the severity of the situation here. This is what the website is all about. We have worked very hard to bring before you, awakening facts about Global Warming, which is not just limited to rise in Average earth tempeature, but all the above mentioned hazards as well.


Most of us are aware of the how Global Warming has affected our lives. Some of them, to innumerate, are

  • Most of the places that had been snow-capped for centuries, have now seen a steep fall in the ice-cover. Places like Greenland and Antarctica have undergone remarkable decrease in ice-cover[5].
  • It has resulted in steep decrease in environmental conditions, making most of the places being submerged into water as sea water level is rising at an alarming rate. Most of the coastal region are under threat of being extinct in this process.
  • Acid rain has harmed human skin, making it burn slowly. It has also damaged infrastructures like Taj Mahal of India. It has made the white marble of a yellowish tinge. Acid rain is harmful for plants and animals. Plants deeply depend on rain and acid rain destroys their leaves.